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Use a cell phone jammer to protect yourself from the ''police''


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Do the police really tell you how to track and monitor your phone?

Is that right? good morning! In my opinion, the American Civil Liberties Alliance has obtained a certificate issued by the police, which guides the police on how to track mobile phones to monitor us. is that true? The American Civil Liberties Alliance (ACLU) has seen documentary evidence indicating that law enforcement agencies have implemented training programs to track mobile phones and obtain private information from operators and mobile phone users. These documents include invoices from different operators, which describe the services they provide to law enforcement agencies.

These documents are provided in PDF format and are available from the New York Times, totaling 189 pages. You can read the instructions and follow them to understand their meaning. The following is an example of how the police can electronically "clone" a phone to fully access any SMS messages you send and receive. A comprehensive privacy statement has also been created to protect mobile tracking and other forms of mobile espionage activities.

You can also read mobile operator bills, such as AT&T or Verizon. These bills list services that can only be purchased from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, these behaviors are legally problematic. You can use a cell phone jammer to protect yourself from police harm. They will clone and steal your phone if you do not agree to any commands.

Is the use of signal jammers legal?

The use of signal jammers is restricted in most countries and requires compliance with relevant laws and regulations. In some special occasions, such as military, law enforcement, security and other fields, signal jammers can be legally used. However, in other cases, the use of signal jammer may violate laws and regulations and lead to serious consequences.