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Drone Jammer Interception Equipment Box-Type Drone Drive Away Equipment


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Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model Box-Type
Frequency Band ANT1:1560~1620MHz
Host weight ≤4.5 kg (including built-in battery)
Host size length 37cm, width 30cm, height 19cm

Product Informations

Our company performs interference shielding on GPS satellite positioning signals, and at the same time, it can shield the 2.4G and 5.8G frequency bands commonly used by drones, forcing drones to remote control, image transmission positioning, and signal interruption to reach forced landing/return/hover uncontrollable The efficacy.

This equipment can interfere with all GNSS satellite positioning signals, including: GPS/Beidou/Glonas/Galileo; At the same time, it can perform interference shielding on the commonly used ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands of drones, forcing drones to remote control, image transmission positioning, signal interruption, and achieve the effect of forced landing/returning/hovering.

The box-type drone drive-off device is adrone interception device independently developed by our company. This device has interference to the frequency band in use by the drone, and interferes with the signal transmission of the uplink and downlink frequency bands, causing the remote control to fail and shooting The image and video cannot be transmitted back, forcing the drone to hover and land in the air, completely cutting off the connection between the drone and the remote control or ground station, especially suitable for prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, security agencies, and military use.

Product Features:
1. Cut off all communication between the drone and the controller: the drone remote control fails.
2. UAV ground control cannot receive aerial pictures and videos;
3. The drone cannot be located; the interceptor can force the drone to land or return.

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