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The use of jammer should only be an adjunct to other security measures and not a substitute for a solution


Can signal jammer interfere with onboard electronic devices?

Signal jammers can interfere with onboard electronic devices, especially those operating in the frequency band of interfering signals. By transmitting interference signals, on-board electronic devices can be prevented from working properly or misreporting, thereby interfering with on-board communication and navigation services. However, when using signal jammers to interfere with onboard electronic devices, it is necessary to pay attention to complying with relevant laws and regulations, and be careful not to pose a threat to other vehicles and drivers.

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Improper use of jammers in vehicles:

Jammer used for terrorists/criminals:

The kidnapper uses a cell phone jammer to prevent the kidnapped person from making phone calls or attempting to contact anyone through text messages or the internet.

Robbers attempting to rob a vehicle carrying valuable items can use jammers to block the GPS system installed in the vehicle and continue the robbery.

According to reports, car thieves use jammers to block electronic car locks. Therefore, make them in an unlocked state. Most cars have keylocks, but the new technology of electronic car locks has become a victim of these car thieves who use signal jammers.

Some people have noticed that some antisocial passengers carry pocket portable jammers on public transportation to get rid of noisy passengers. This is the illegal use of a jammer, as it causes public disturbance by blocking the cellular signal of passengers on public vehicles.

Car mounted jammers are an effective tool that can be used for both good and bad purposes. It must be noted that using the jammer for illegal purposes can cause you trouble. The jammer is only available for consumers to use after the government has obtained permission through providing authorization.

Can signal jammers replace other safety measures?

Signal jammers cannot replace other security measures, such as video surveillance, access control systems, security personnel, etc. The use of signal jammers can only be an auxiliary means of other safety measures, not an alternative solution. In addition, signal jammers cannot completely block all wireless communication, therefore, other security measures are also essential.