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Mobile phone jammers are highly sensitive to parameters such as current intensity and power consumption


Classification of signal jammer

These devices come in various types. The difference lies in several indicators:

You can choose a frequency range.



According to categories, the following types of models can be distinguished:

Multi frequency.

The most powerful variety. You can configure them to work within any range, including GSM, GPS, and other types of communication. The support of intelligent operation mode provides the subtleties of frequency tuning. The intensity of the impact also depends on the selected mode.


Variant of suppressor with medium power range. The difference is that the action radius is large and working from the network. Some models can extend their impact to 200 meters or more. A simple and reliable method for interfering with Wi Fi signals throughout the entire building. The actual choice of large companies and other facilities that prohibit the use of cellular communication.


The simplest model is known for its compact size. The power and range are still insignificant. There is no problem with signal blocking in public transportation or coffee shops. Mobility increases the ability to operate autonomously using battery power. The manufacturer explains in the manual how to flood neighboring Wi Fi.

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The prices, features, and functions of models vary, and these factors must be considered in advance to make the right choice.

Selection criteria

For those who need to protect sensitive information, purchasing suppressors is a good choice. There are many models on the market, and there may be some problems when choosing. Following some simple suggestions, it is much easier to solve them:

Pay attention to the operating frequency range. Some models are applicable to different communication standards. It all depends on the goals set for consumers. Installing additional antennas can expand the functionality of the device.

Take a closer look at the range of Wi Fi signal shields. For any such device, range remains one of the main parameters. It is necessary to consider the characteristics declared by the manufacturer themselves, but this is not only important. At the location of use, the thickness and material of the wall can affect the work results. Additional obstacles can sometimes make it difficult to block signals and make it difficult to operate stably.

Battery level. Determine the quality and duration of the equipment. The characteristic of cell phone jammer is their high sensitivity to parameters such as current intensity and power consumption.

Compact. There are many small devices being sold to block Wi Fi. They are easy to put into your bag and carry with you. In this case, the power supply is the battery. However, the range of action of such devices is very small, within 10-20 meters. To solve some problems, these features are sufficient.