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Installing signal blocker in the subway can protect yourself from attacks


Why do people choose to make a WiFi signal suppressor at home

The convenience of receiving and transmitting information is the main reason for the popularization of wireless technology. But they are also related to some negative consequences. Thanks to a special jammer, it is easier to fully control the connection. If you are aware of the requirements and desires in advance, choosing the appropriate equipment is not difficult. Wi Fi jammers can become indispensable assistants.

Why do I need a Wi Fi signal blocker?

A Wi Fi signal mask is a device that uses a specific frequency range during operation. Therefore, spy equipment cannot function properly.

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Data protection is not the only use case for devices, there are other use cases:

Safety. In the subway, installing such devices is to protect oneself from terrorist attacks. The signal jammer can prevent remote activation of bombs.

If you need to learn, please limit your internet access. This type of signal suppressor is useful when you need to ensure that students are not too distracted. Reception is often used for exams and various tests.

Protect from competitors. Large companies have long used such measures in practice. This type of device can not only block access to the network, but also block radio frequencies within a specific range. This is especially true when using spyware.

Ensure the operation of medical equipment. Radio signals can cause problems with the operation of certain devices.

In the Russian Federation, there is no law prohibiting or allowing the use of such equipment. But for using such methods in public places, a one-time fine of up to 500 rubles can be imposed. Afterwards, the jammer itself is likely to be confiscated. The router is reserved for such users.

In order for legal entities to legally use this device, you must obtain a license. For this purpose, please contact a representative of the Federal Communications Supervision Agency. But registering will take a lot of time and effort, and you cannot do without additional files.

Usually this is referred to as a compact device. When the device is turned on, information cannot be transmitted through wireless channels. It is precisely because of these characteristics that this device is also known as a suppressor. The operating frequency of handheld devices is 2.4-2.5 GHz. The standard pressing radius is 20-30 meters, and the specific values are subject to the specific model. Some fixed samples can work within a distance of up to 200 meters. They come with instructions on how to flood neighboring Wi Fi.

This device mainly generates radio interference. They ensure safe operation. The jammer usually operates at a specific frequency. The radio interference generated by the device overlaps with other waves, and its source is irrelevant. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets may lose contact with the outside world.

At a frequency of 2402-2480 MHz, data is exchanged between routers and other devices. You can precisely set the suppressor to this frequency limit and only turn off the parts you need. Some models have such high operating power that they can block internet access to the entire house. But in this situation, you have to endure the large size and need to work from the network. Usually, such equipment is placed in large offices and educational and medical institutions. If all the requirements are met, making a wifi jammers with one's own hands is not difficult.