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Block the area to make sure the phone doesn't transmit sensitive information


Do you have to block a certain area to ensure that your phone does not transmit sensitive information?

Are you an educator who does not want your students to cheat in exams? The solution to this problem is to use a mobile gsm jammer The jammer will allow you to block your mobile service provider anywhere, and you never have to turn off your phone to avoid calls. The person calling you will receive an automatic voice message through their company, indicating that the recipient is not within coverage. The GSM jammer is very useful in situations where you have to provide false sound on busy roads, so you can focus on leaving an impression and avoid any accidents when calling through your phone. When you are in a financial meeting, it can also help you so that no one can disturb you.

GSM is hailed as the next best thing, and after being rejected by the US military authorities in 1973, it was far ahead of the curve. However, nowadays, many people may not agree with this statement. What is the reason why mobile phone jammers have become so democratic? The phone suggests that the GSM indicator jammer is a device designed to prevent or prevent the GSM system from leaking locations. The mobile cellular phone jammer writes a secure enclosure made of circular objects 10 meters around the device, which is secure and not affected by the detection of GSM signals. Ten meters is enough to make a person safe for some motor vehicles. Therefore, the portable mobile phone blocker is very convenient, allowing you and your motor vehicle to move without the need to insert monitoring through GSM monitoring.

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Can signal jammer interfere with satellite communication?

Signal jammers can interfere with satellite communication, especially when operating in the frequency band of interfering signals. By transmitting interference signals, satellites can be unable to receive and send signals normally, thereby interfering with satellite communication services. However, using signal jammers to interfere with satellite communication is a very serious criminal act, which can have a serious impact on national security and civilian communication.

Since its establishment, the military has often used GSM to detect the position and movement of enemy aircraft, and to identify any aircraft and other aircraft that illegally enter their country of origin. The use of mobile phone jammers is limited to the public. Indeed, the radio frequency of GSM signal blockers used by ordinary people is different from that used by the military; However, there are many differences for anyone regarding the widespread use of GSM jammers by civilians. When attending prayer gatherings in churches or other holy places, a mobile phone jammer is absolutely necessary because it not only prevents callers from making calls.