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Refuse to be followed by gps signal blockers

Perfectjammer 2019-10-25

Do you want to get rid of the potential tracking system that locate where we are and threat us? Do you have any problem when determine to choose a tracker blocker? Do you feel that you have no good idea about so much powerful and functional jammers? Here comes the chance for you now, just get one of this cheap gps jamemr, you can say no to the tracking system forever.

Generally speaking, the larger the interference range, the stronger the interference performance, the heavier the jammer device, and it is inconvenient to carry. But the device is an exception. This 8-bands handheld jamming device not only has a good jammer performance, can jamming up to 40 meters; but also has good portability, the device size is only 130mm*80mm*38mm, weight is only 800g. Performance is comparable to desktop jammer in all respects. It's a very good product.