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How to prevent your car from being stolen

Perfectjammer 2020-05-20

In the current era, cars are on the streets, but we often ignore this. When locking the car, you must close the window to avoid the theft of the car. When locking the car, you must confirm the door is closed Now, some thieves use the car gps jammer to interfere with the user's lock, so after using the remote control key to lock the car, finally pull the door by hand to ensure that it is locked properly.

Purchase the whole car

If the value of the vehicle is high and it is a popular and susceptible vehicle type, users can attach the whole vehicle theft insurance when purchasing insurance: during the insurance period, the loss of the insurance vehicle or the reasonable expenses incurred due to the following reasons, the insurer shall The insurance contract provides for compensation within the insurance amount:

(1) The entire insurance vehicle was stolen, robbed or snatched, and the case was investigated by the public security department at or above the county level, and the whereabouts were not found within two months from the date of the case;

(2) The reasonable cost of an insurance vehicle that needs to be repaired after the entire vehicle has been stolen, robbed, robbed or damaged or as a result of the loss of parts and accessories on the vehicle;

(3) The reasonable cost of insurance vehicles in the process of being robbed and robbed of the whole vehicle and damaged and needing repair.

Make sure parking is correct

When locking the car, be sure to close the window to avoid the theft of items in the car. When locking the car, make sure that the door is closed. Now some thieves use the car portable jammer to interfere with the user to lock the car, so after using the remote key to lock the car Finally, pull the door by hand to ensure that it is properly locked.

Vehicle parked in a safe place

According to statistics from the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, 89% of the cases in the city belonged to car owners who stole and parked on the roadside. Therefore, the owner's friend raises awareness of anti-theft and tries to park the vehicle in a guarded parking lot. Even if there is no guarded parking lot, the car can be parked in a crowded area covered by surveillance cameras.

Install GPS vehicle positioning system

At present, urban bus and passenger transportation systems are generally equipped with GPS systems, which can accurately locate the current location of the vehicle. For home users, if there is a high risk of theft in parking places, a GPS positioning system can be installed in a hidden place of the vehicle. You can quickly locate its location, you can find the car after the alarm.

It may be a bad idea to avoid buying popular cars, but when choosing a vehicle, users generally choose more than one. If there is not much difference under the last trade-off, you can choose some non-popular models at this time to reduce the risk of theft You can also choose a wifi jammer to reduce the risk of your car being missed.

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