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GPS jamming weapons could destroy warring nations in the future

Perfectjammer 2019-06-15

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As more industries -- like law enforcement and transportation -- rely on GPS-enabled devices, jamming has the potential to interfere with business-critical operations and data. In fleet management tracking, GPS information can be connected to data such as fuel use, driving behavior, engine health, vehicle synchronization and safety metrics. Therefore, GPS jammer can disrupt all of this information and cause major outages.

MADIS uses jammers to block a drone’s communications which forces it to crash. There are also some versions of the MADIS which are capable of actually firing at drones. The report doesn’t clarify which version of the MADIS was used in this instance.

The Pentagon said the drone was destroyed by a sophisticated electronic signal jammer, but the Boxer is also armed with a variety on anti-aircraft guns and missiles.

When President Trump announced that the U.S. had “destroyed” an Iranian drone, he didn’t specify whether it was shot down — that's because electronic jamming technology was reportedly used to take “defensive” action.

The Drive/WarZone published an article describing an anti-drone system known as the Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System (LMADIS). The system consists of a RADA RPS-42 short range, S-band, hemispheric, AESA radar mounted on an MRZR dune buggy. On top of the radar unit is a gyro-stabilized CM202 multi-sensor optical ball that provides positive visual identification of targets. (2) The systems apparently operate in pairs. When a target is designated, the targeting data can be fed to various systems such as a Modi jammer which is a backpack signal jammer. (3) Theoretically, the targeting data could be fed to a ship’s hard-kill defensive systems but it is unknown (and probably unlikely) that this was possible, in this case. It appears that the Modi jammer was used to disrupt the ground control signal to the Iranian drone thereby causing it to crash.

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