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The prison system needs jammer equipment

Perfectjammer 2018-05-8

Drone Signal JammersAuthorities said in an incident beginning around 7:15 p.m. on Sunday, inmates housed in multiple dorms at Lee Correctional were involved in a disturbance. The riot resulted in the deaths of seven inmates and the injury of 17 others at the maximum-security prison.

In a press conference on Monday, Stirling said the altercation appeared to stem from gang-related conflict over territory, contraband and cell phones. Stirling said investigators believe cell phones were used by prisoners to communicate about the riot between dorms. It's not the first time illegal cell phones have appeared in prison areas. But it can't be banned

An advocate for WiFi Jammer being installed in South Carolina prisons, Stirling has previously said that prisoner access to cell phones is no different than access to weapons. McMaster has also supported cell phone jamming in prisons.

Stirling says access to cell phones allows inmates to continue criminal activities behind bars all across the country. He mentioned Charles Manson being busted for having a cell phone in prison.

"It's not a South Carolina problem, it is a national problem," Stirling said. "Until the industry starts taking this seriously, this is going to continue to happen."

The army needs jamming equipment

At a March 11 soccer game in Wuhan, China, police faced a new kind of threat: drones trespassing near the stadium. Their response was to use a new kind of weapon: an anti-UAV jammer that jammed the control signals, forcing the trespassing drones to land automatically. Given China's role as a global leader in consumer drone and military unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) exports, it only makes sense that China is also developing a range of anti-drone capabilities to stop unauthorized or hostile flying robots from coming over sensitive or vulnerable sites. In the case of Wuhan, the jammer "guns"—known as such not just because they "shoot" but also because they look like an assault rifle—cost approximately $19,000, and can reportedly jam control signals up to a kilometer away (though that figure assumes that the user has exceptional aim). Impressed with its capabilities, Wuhan police intend to buy more.

The US military has declined to confirm whether any of their drones have crashed as a result of the Russian jammers citing operational security. Despite US drones being equipped with anti-jamming technology, NBC quoted US officials stating that Russian disruption technology was “very sophisticated, proving effective even against some encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers.” The Russians began jamming some smaller U.S. drones several weeks ago, the officials said, after a series of suspected chemical weapons attacks on civilians in rebel-held eastern Ghouta. The Russian military was concerned the U.S. military would retaliate for the attacks and began jamming the GPS systems of drones operating in the area, the officials explained.

U.S. analysts first caught the Russian military jamming drones in eastern Ukraine four years ago, after the invasion of Crimea, according to Humphreys. He said the jammers were initially detected as faint signals from space, bouncing off the earth's surface. The jammers "had a pretty significant impact" on the United Nations surveillance drones that were attempting to monitor the area, grounding the fleet for days and halting intelligence gathering from the air.

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