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Signal jammers are lethal to electronic forces

Perfectjammer 2019-10-21

Powerful Military Signal Jammer

After they recognize their devices are being jammed, Soldiers would then report the problem to the rest of their unit. Soldiers can also use the DAGRs to locate the source of the interference.

In that short time, trainers from SMDC are able to help Soldiers identify when their communications gear has been jammed. That skill has become increasingly important under the Army's multi-domain battle concept, which envisions dispersed forces operating in contested environments against near-peer threats.

Over on the LimeSDR CrowdSupply blog, Ogün Levent has submitted a short article about his "Dronesense" project. Dronsense is a spectrum-scanning and GPS jammer system based on the LimeSDR. The LimeSDR is a US$299 12-bit TX/RX capable SDR that can tune between 100 kHz – 3.8 GHz, with a maximum bandwidth of up to 61.44 MHz.

This technique has significant advantages over traditional methods

First of all, not all jamming techniques require “broadcasting” one’s location, deception jamming for instance involve mimicking the enemy radar transmissions (returns) with a slight alteration in either range or position data in such a manner that the jamming signals are almost indistinguishable from the original radar returns (from target).

Both the expensive made for military IXI Dronekiller SDR gun, and the LimeSDR Dronesense work in a similar way. They begin by initially using their scanning feature to detect and find potential drone signals. If a drone signal is detected, it will emit a jamming signal on that particular frequency, resulting in the drone entering a fail-safe mode and either returning to base or immediately landing. Specifically targeting the drone's frequency should help make the signal jammer compliant with radio regulations as they won't jam other legitimate users at the same time. We note that this method might not stop drones using custom RF communications, or fully autonomous drones.

Threats growing from the use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for spying and eavesdropping purposes have rapidly increased the demand for anti-drone jammer systems, with Turkish defense firm ASELSAN commencing research to develop such technology. The technology has been used by Turkey against ISIS in Syria and 16 Sep 2019 Ukraine's military took receipt of Bayraktar TB2 drones and more than inside look at the challenges and opportunities drone tech presents. 6 Sep 2018 This is some drone footage from rural Turkey of a 70-year old farmer who's frightened by the drone's sudden appearance above his cow . 7 percent compound annual growth rate for the predicted $22. Apparently the man has "had very few encounters with technology. 21, 2019. S. 

Secondly, jamming power required to hide one’s RCS is directly proportion to the RCS of the aircraft. So when RCS is reduced to 1/10,000th of the original value, the required jamming power is also reduced to 1/10,000th.

If the aircraft is using its radar (not a separate jamming emitter) in an offensive EW manner, which in all likelyhood it will be given the AN/APG-81 has proven to be incredibly capable as an offensive jamming asset, then no. This is because the radar is a very high gain directional emitter, its beam is focused solely on the intended jamming target. The jamming target itself will obviously be severely hampered by the jamming effects as well.

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