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China's mysterious laser kills civilian drones

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

China Jamming Weapon for drone

Remember when Venezuelan President nicolas maduro was hit by a drone bomb while attending a military memorial in Caracas on August 4? In fact, the use of civilian drones for strikes has not been uncommon in recent years, especially in Syria. Compared with traditional "low, slow and small" targets, this kind of uav has the characteristics of "lower, slower and smaller". Conventional anti-aircraft missiles and artillery can do little to prevent collateral damage if they are caught flying over cities. However, an anti-uav laser exhibited by huanghu science and technology co., ltd. at the 12th zhuhai air show is in short order.

The drone jammer system, technically known as the sd-10a laser headspace system, USES advanced photoelectric technology. It can destroy small uavs within seconds through coarse tracking by radar search, precise tracking by photoelectric system and precise strike by high-energy laser. The system can be widely used in military and civil fields in response to fast and light-speed strike.

The clearance system for uav swarm defense, reclaiming low altitude defense and laser intercept, on civil, as well as to the embassy, nuclear power station, oil depot, government buildings, museums and other important place to implement a low unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) defense, also can decorate in civil airport, drive the airport runway and surrounding environment of all kinds of birds, still can stop in the civilian route of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) low-flying aircraft such as the black fly, showing great use value. SD - 10 - a laser systems have been invited to the ministry of public security clearance of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) organized by the national demonstration, chongqing international expo security intelligence industry, "invisible interception - 2018" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) challenge and some activities such as organization of actual combat maneuvers, on-site destroyed several rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and fixed wing uavs, defensive attack effect is remarkable. It can be said that the laser clearance system has become a "low, slow and small" aerial vehicle "busters. Crucially, the lasers cause little collateral damage and can be used effectively in densely populated areas.

Not only that, but the lasers could also be used to jam the electro-optical reconnaissance systems of military drones like the U.S. predator reaper. This kind of laser weapon can be used for anti-reconnaissance in military. It can cause full-screen interference, deep saturation interference and physical damage to the optical camera of uas within a range of tens of kilometers. This point, may be other domestic clearance system does not have the function.

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