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Sleeves That Block Radiations For Cell Phones Field Strength Dependent

Naha Thabo 2022/06/10

The effective shielding range of the church 4G mobile phone signal jammer will be different in different use sites. This is closely related to the signal field strength at the scene. Mobile phones of different standards may not necessarily have the same shielding range on the same site; factors that affect the shielding range include but are not limited to: distance from the base station, orientation, obstructions, wall material of the building on site, installation height of Sleeves That Block Radiations For Cell Phones , installation specifications, etc.; the equipment has undergone strict testing and aging before leaving the factory, but it does not rule out that the equipment may be damaged during transportation. If the customer receives the goods, shake the equipment gently and hear the sound of parts falling off, please stop use, and contact the dealer or manufacturer for immediate maintenance;

With the gradual development of electronic technology, more and more mobile electronic communication devices are widely used in our lives. These devices can help us improve the quality of life and allow us to easily obtain more information. However, people are using these devices. The equipment will also bring many hidden dangers, such as: information security confidential leakage and cheating, mutual criminal information, collusion, endangering my country's network information security, etc. So you can choose to install a Sleeves That Block Radiations For Cell Phones . In this case, we can choose to install a signal jammer. In fact, many people have already installed high-power cell phone jammer , and some people are questioning the development trend of today's communication technology so fast. Will the updated version of the mobile phone signal jammer follow? If there is no malfunction, is it really effective to install a high-power mobile phone signal jammer?