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Blocking Incoming Calls On Samsung Cell Phone Gives Students More Living Space

Perfectjammer 2022/05/22

Blocking Incoming Calls On Samsung Cell Phone

In schools, students want to study safe and quiet, but many schools have the same problem, more and more students are using their mobile phones while studying, playing games, chatting and reading texts, they may forget that they are in the classroom, they Has affected the learning of other students. In every classroom we can mount Blocking Incoming Calls On Samsung Cell Phone on walls, ceilings and desks and make it work well there. 2G 3G 4G cell phone will lose signal after the cell phone jammer works. At the same time, the wifi gps signal will also be blocked, so students have no signal available in class and they can no longer play with their phones. Learning efficiency will be greatly improved. Most importantly, they can focus on their studies and lessons. Of course, all cell phone jammer devices are only installed in classrooms, allowing these devices to work during study time, other times and elsewhere, no need for shields, allowing students to have more living space.

Everyone thinks that the shielding distance of Blocking Incoming Calls On Samsung Cell Phone is a rigid indicator. In fact, the distance is not an absolute value. It is related to the strength and quality of the spatial signal. Simply speaking, the distance is meaningless. If the same shielding power is 100 meters away at the weaker -70db, it is only 12.5 meters at the stronger -52db. The shielding distance is related to the gain of the antenna. The shielding host of the same power uses antennas with different gains, and the distance will be very different. For example, when using an antenna with a gain of 16db, the distance is 100 meters, while when using an antenna with a gain of 4db, the distance is only 25 meters. To sum up, when choosing a mobile phone signal jammer, it must be based on the actual situation of the site environment. Don’t just believe what you hear, you must test it yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a prototype.

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