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Spectrum Modem Blocked My Cell Phone Unblock Becomes A Standardized Test Room

Hickey Dean 2022/06/04

In recent years, there have been frequent missed questions in the postgraduate entrance examinations in China. The Ministry of Education stipulated that preventive equipment should be set up in the examination room. The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and the Department of Finance decided to build a standardized examination room. Nanlin University is a crucial knowledge point for postgraduate entrance examinations in Nanjing higher education institutions. Recently, Spectrum Modem Blocked My Cell Phone Unblock , monitoring probes have been installed in 140 classrooms of your school, and they have been updated and transformed into standardized examination venues. Each standardized test room needs to install a signal blocker and a camera to ensure that all mobile phone signals in the test room are completely blocked, and there is no dead angle in the supervision area. Therefore, some large classrooms are "segmented" into several test rooms. Nanlin 140 large classrooms were finally "renovated" into 270 standardized examination rooms.

Now a kind of mechanical equipment called Spectrum Modem Blocked My Cell Phone Unblock has been announced in front of the universities and colleges. This kind of mechanical equipment happens to be able to ensure that no matter what kind of electronic device data signal is used as a means, it can be reasonably and accurately attacked. Behavior. So what exactly is the principle of Exam cell phone jammer ? Why can we guarantee that we can treat "black technology" with different principles and different means and deal with them all? Let's first look at the principle of "black technology", because no matter what their means and methods are , it is also impossible to prevent the data signal from being pushed and accepted in the test room, but the signal blocker in the test room just blocked their contact from the data signal of the electronic device immediately. Of course, no matter how concealed their methods are, it is difficult to prevent all failure Therefore, now this kind of mechanical equipment has become a new product in major examination rooms and has attracted much attention. If you need to choose an easy-to-use and easy-to-use mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room, you must choose one produced by a high-tech manufacturer. The technical major ensures that there is a manufacturer of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room. They have completed many collaborations with several colleges and universities, and the reasonable coordination of the signal jammers in the examination room breaks the stable and disciplined construction of the major examination rooms. , trusted by several colleges and universities.