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Block Incoming Calls On My Cell Phone Prevents New Technology Cheating

Allen Megaen 2022/06/08

Every year in the examination season, many parties are gradually anxious to plan the examination work, and the invigilators will use various tricks to avoid new technology fraud, and the special type Block Incoming Calls On My Cell Phone in the examination room is still an anti-blocker. However, as a well-known manufacturer of cell phone signal jammers, there are various types and specifications of cell phone jammers. Before purchasing, the application side should determine its own requirements to prevent the actual effect of shielding from being ineffective and causing safety accidents in the examination room. The accuracy of the method of operation. First of all, I want to establish the application field. Most of the mobile phone signal jammers used in the test field are suitable for long-term work and are durable. The second is how big are we in the blocked area? For example, it is a one-hundred-square-meter house or a site of more than one thousand square meters. If the total area is large, the output power must be larger, and if the total area is small, the shielding output power can be adjusted.

Students from the No. 1 Middle School in Doumen District, Zhuhai returned to school after the National Day and found that the school leaders had installed a Block Incoming Calls On My Cell Phone in the dormitory area. The school stated that this move is to better prohibit students from using mobile phones in school, so as to control students' serious study. But such approaches by school leaders have also led to dissent. At this stage, the school has already installed fixed-line telephones in every dormitory, and students can install cards and use landline numbers. Some netizens feel that the school is a training area, and the school strictly prohibits students from using mobile phones. If the students are addicted to playing with mobile phones, it will cause unintentional learning. Some friends also think that the idea of ​​ cell phone jammer blocking mobile phone signals and strictly prohibiting the use of mobile phones is a good idea, but it is obvious that it is difficult to solve the expectation of building a calm learning environment. Some people jokingly said that maybe the students will develop an "anti-signal jammer" based on their own intelligence and wisdom, and they will be able to apply for a patent at that time.