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Zte Majesty Z796C Cell Phone Block Number Does Not Affect Signal Others

Mackie Marc 2022/06/05

In response to mobile phone signal shielding, everyone should face it objectively, scientifically and reasonably. The basic working principle of the mobile phone signal blocker is to send out special signals to evoke, block or affect the signal between the mobile phone and the base station, so that the mobile phone has no signal or cannot find Internet services, and the mobile phone will receive and send short messages more and more. wrong code, and the original short message cannot be recognized. In fact, Zte Majesty Z796C Cell Phone Block A Number generally does not affect the signal of the base station, so there is no need to worry, and no one will think about affecting the signal of others.

Does Not Affect The Signal Of Others

In order to safeguard the interests of the vast majority of candidates and improve the fairness of the exam, necessary restraint measures must be taken against the cheating behavior of a few people. The exam management department adopted the practice of installing Zte Majesty Z796C Cell Phone Block A Number . So, how to configure the mobile phone signal jammer in the standardized test room? Under normal circumstances, we recommend the use of low-power machines in the normal standardized examination room. One cell phone jammer in one examination room is enough to shield the entire examination room. If the signal field strength is relatively strong or the area is relatively large, multiple mobile phone signal jammers can be used to achieve full coverage.