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Call Blocking 67 On Cell Phone

Gurnsey Kevin 2022-01-02

Faced with the use of Call Blocking 67 On Cell Phone in schools to prevent students from being too addicted to the Internet, parents of students who support the school's practice believe that most mobile phones have games and Internet access functions. If students indulge in games and Internet access, it will affect their rest and make them unable to concentrate on study. Nowadays, there are various kinds of information on the Internet, and there is no lack of some bad information. Frequent viewing of this information has a very bad influence on children. It is necessary for schools to block mobile phone information to protect students. They believe that their children's main task is to study, and if they need to contact family or friends, they have enough phones in the dormitory and on campus. They believe that excessive use of mobile phones is a waste of time, and mobile phones also provide convenience for early love, and the school does not block mobile phone information but makes them more indulgent. There are also parents who have different opinions. "Now high school students are seventeen or eighteen years old and have become independent. Will the installation of cell phone jammer affect their freedom of communication?" Ms. Zhang, the parent of the students, thinks, "Students learn by self-consciousness, and the school's approach may be unilateral' wishful thinking. ', restricting students' use of their phones will not necessarily give them peace of mind when studying."

Regarding this matter, the director of the Education Bureau stated that students’ use of mobile phones during breaks is not conducive to rest, and some bad information on mobile phones has a negative impact on their physical and mental health. The school uses Call Blocking 67 On Cell Phone to block mobile phone information at certain times to protect students’ physical and mental health. He said that mobile phones are not the only tool for students to communicate with the outside world. The school has installed landlines in student dormitories, and there are also magnetic card phones on campus. These phones ensure students' communication with the outside world. Blocking mobile phone information at certain times is generally beneficial for children to rest and study, and most parents and teachers support this. It is understandable that students have different opinions. The school can make more publicity to students and explain more to parents. When they know that this will help protect the healthy growth of students, they will give understanding and support. Schools in other regions have similar management measures, such as "confiscation" of mobile phones, storage of mobile phones, etc., and blocking mobile phone information is more practical than these measures.