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Perfectjammer 2021/08/27

When the mobile phone is in use, the mobile phone antenna will generate radio frequency current. When the radio frequency current circulates between the metal conductors, it will produce radio frequency sparks in case of corrosion or poor contact. Some experts have done experiments. As long as the radio frequency sparks last for more than one microsecond, When the energy is greater than 6 milliwatts, a mixture of fuel gas and air will be induced. Because when the gas station uses the oil gun to fill the gasoline tank of the car or motorcycle, the oil vapor in the original tank will drift outward. Although our gas station has installed a vapor recovery device that can recover most of the vapor, there will still be A small amount of oil and gas volatilize into the air, increasing the density of oil vapor around the refueling vehicle. At the same time, in order to make the communication signal clearer, mobile phones use a high frequency and a relatively strong transmission power. The internal current of the mobile phone may also produce tiny sparks. Although it meets national standards, it still poses a threat to gas stations. In order to solve this threat, the state generally allows gas stations to install Download Cell Phone Jammer App Works to protect people's lives and property. cell phone jammer The installation allows more gas station workers to feel more at ease and serve the masses of people well.

Because the mobile phone itself does not have the explosion-proof function, if the mobile phone is used for a long time or the quality of the mobile phone itself is poor, the circuit of the internal chip of the mobile phone is prone to short-circuit phenomenon, so that the mobile phone can generate a small amount of sparks at the moment of answering, which will also threaten Safety to the gas station. Therefore, the gas station is installed on site Download Cell Phone Jammer App Works It is forbidden to call the cell phone. If you need to call the cell phone when you arrive at the gas station, you can move to the convenience store.