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Can eavesdropping microphone be effectively jammed

Perfectjammer 2019-11-13

Hi! For starters, it's worth mentioning, as long as a blocking device is created, it will be tested. With all the necessary tests, such as battery life, emission frequency, but also to test range. Manufacturers are still considered because these devices are often tested in an empty place in a wider range of reasons than practice. When you do not know when the different buildings and concrete structures, a wider range. Most of us live in a big city, we are surrounded by tall buildings. That's why if you can not stop blocking device located at a remote phone signal your 30 meters, you will not be surprised. This may have many reasons, but the most reasonable scope of the building should be smaller

When you wish to deal with this obvious problem, you have to consider one fact: microphone might use many different frequency ranges to operate, thus you need to know it, or you need a multi-frequency signal blocker to deal with all possible signals at once. And we have excellent desktop gps jammer which is carefully designed for operating with a lot of frequency bands, which are, by the way, adjustable.

So, like I've said, don't worry, you can be sure that you will deal with this problem once and for all! Just use modern technologies for your advantage and no eavesdropping will be standing in your way! ;)