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The use of mobile phone jammers in theaters or venues must not affect the surrounding area

Perfectjammer 2021-04-06

A large indoor theater is basically a transparent environment. If the general requirements of the theater fully meet the masking requirements of the theater, and it is impossible to see whether the peripheral equipment is strictly affected, the easier distribution cannot be protected like the "single space" distribution method. Method, you can directly use the mobile phone signal transmitter antenna + omnidirectional to estimate a point at a fixed interval along the wall around the theater.
It should be noted that when installing in a theater, the height of the mounting frame is usually within 1.8-3.0 m of the mobile cell phone jammer. If conditions permit, keep it active in the pre-noise cotton spot or decorative panel in front of the theater as much as possible The state of the construction and decoration of the mouth facilitates the future installation and modification of mobile phone detectors. Reserve 220V power at each estimated point.

If theaters or venues must make strict distinctions between the protected areas (such as the podium to maintain the signal, the shields around the audience), and the surrounding requirements cannot be affected, the entire antenna mobile phone jammer needs to be placed in the mobile phone and a directional antenna is also required. Use mobile phone detectors as much as possible. The transmission power of these detectors can be smoothly adjusted for each channel.
The complete combination of "mobile phone screen (adjustable power) + directional antenna + "Sanma" mobile phone screen can achieve a reasonable installation point for the entire theater or venue. The function of the entire screen area is realized. For example, the normal G0 signal is more accurate. A signal block will block all auditoriums or auditorium areas or can be divided into a selective shielding layer under the floor.