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Perfectjammer 2021/09/27

In addition to the users suspected of "illegal installation", all current mobile phone jammer manufacturers are also suspected of "illegal production and illegal sales." However, the reporter found in the interview that some manufacturers complained that "there is no way to learn about this." "We don't know that production Miniature Cell Phone Jammer still needs approval, and no one has told us." The person in charge of a production company that had been "closed up" told reporters in private, "Know, cell phone jammer There is a market, and of course someone will produce something that someone buys. Our production purpose is as simple as that. "However, Yang Chun, deputy director of the business office of the Shenzhen Office of Non-Administrative Affairs, believes that, "In fact, all radio products produced should undergo national type approval, that is, they must undergo approval from relevant departments. This is a procedure that manufacturers must perform. "

Two days ago, in the crowded Shenzhen communications sales market, a news reporter learned whether a vendor had a " Miniature Cell Phone Jammer ", and the vendor nodded: "Yes, but it's expensive." The price was 1,000 yuan. The journalist asked whether the mobile phone jammer could prevent the signal on the mobile phone from being a device. The vendor enthusiastically explained in detail that the mobile phone jammer can affect the data signal and make the surrounding data signal disappear. "And you can adjust the output power at will, and there is no signal within three kilometers. And it will damage the mobile phone. No." News reporters knew if there were a lot of people buying, and vendors had to be careful: "Naturally, they are bought by individuals and companies." Then some people urged the reporters boredly whether they wanted it or not. When the news reporter made it clear that he wanted to look at the mobile phone jammer, the vendor said, "I have the goods on the spot, and you need to buy it and I want to pick it up later. But you have to be clear about the buyer before I can buy the goods." It was written in another store. "Data signal jammer" stalls, vendors introduced in detail, many departments of conference halls, gas stations, etc. will buy this product, and some "buy a lot." When the news reporter found out whether the installation procedures need to go through, the vendor responded, "Naturally not, you can find a wall footer to install it yourself, the actual operation is very simple." The vendor took out a sample and told the reporter, "This is all in The manufacturer purchases the goods immediately, and there is no problem with the quality assurance."