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Phone explosion, mobile phone signal jammer can avoid sparks

Perfectjammer 2021-04-05

For gas stations, fuel tanks, gas stations and other flammable and explosive places, the use of SMA-818P phone explosion mobile phone signal jammer can avoid the danger of explosion caused by the use of mobile phones or the corresponding sparks caused by the switch, so as to avoid or reduce personal injury and injury . Property safety. Usually the stations in the area are more transparent. Regardless of the influence of the distance outside the base station, usually only one service station is needed to complete the key area of the telephone signal station 1-2 shielding the gas station, and the installation location is easier to choose.

When it is necessary to protect the key areas of the station and minimize the impact on the surrounding stations, directional antennas can be used to decorate the SMA-818P telephone signal mobile cell phone jammer. It is usually easier to find a suitable directional antenna installation location when refueling. Directional antenna skirts are usually used in office stations that need to reserve a signal area, or because there is no need to protect external units or gas stations near the periphery of the site.