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Stealth camera killer -WiFI jammer

Perfectjammer 2019-12-04

Latest invention in the field of technology, an exceptionally small, almost invisible camera, is a big step forward for Rambus scientists. This is a major step in the field of science and technology. This camera is almost impossible to detect can be used as an unbeatable tool to allow espionage such as Google Glass. The camera with a tip smaller than the tip of a pencil has opened up many options for medical science and surveillance techniques.

He has specially designed sensors called CMOS technology. It is a 1.2mm camera that can provide clear images in medical operations, especially when it comes to direct imaging of human anatomy..

To reduce the overall size of the camera, it uses an image sensor the size of 200 microns instead of ordinary lenses to capture light and process the final image from the captured light.

The technology used to create it differs from that of everyday cameras. Regular lenses focus each ray of light into a sensor that then sorts the rays to create the final image by the imaging processor. But this camera does not have traditional lenses because of the limited size. Instead, it uses a network that lets light in through almost any orientation. When light enters each grid that has tiny spiral patterns, it is then processed with a CMOS sensor. These models are then modified and transformed into real images. The main problem these scientists face is the resolution of images that are not yet up to scratch. The best they could develop are images of 128 × 128 mega pixels.

The new camera can offer many possibilities for the industrial and technological market. This can be a valuable tool for drilling inspections at micro levels, mapping analysis and, significantly, robotic tooling.

There is still room for improvement in terms of the quality of the image we are still working on, according to the scientists. But these are minor issues that can be improved over time. Scientists say this is the first major step towards the development of the ultimate spy camera signal jammer. Technicians focus on volume reduction to make it lightweight and compact.

Unfortunately, this can be very useful for totalitarian governments and for espionage. This marks a major step in the anticipation of a huge technological advance in the area of ​​surveillance and videography, which would make spying easy and almost undetectable. For personal safety, you can use special signal blocking devices.