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Mobile jammers can be used almost anywhere

Perfectjammer 2020-10-15

A mobile phone jammer is a small piece of equipment that can block the signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station. This is mainly achieved by generating interference within the working frequency range of the mobile phone, which will not cause signal loss or significant degradation of signal quality. Although cell phone jammers can be used almost anywhere, they are mainly used in areas where quietness is expected or required, or where the use of cell phones is prohibited.

An intelligent cell phone jammer system is not just a prison jammer. It can manually or automatically detect and prevent unauthorized mobile phone use and/or mobile phone activities in designated areas. The cell detector composition serves as a cell detection center and can be used as a managed access system or with a series of cell blocking components. It can also prevent GPS GPS tracking. If the GPS tracker is hidden in our car by a thief, it is stupid and dangerous, we will oppose it, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee safety. The jamming signal/blocking signal is working in your car, it shows the illusion that the geographical position interferes with the tracker. For example, you get out of the garage, but the GPS tracker cannot receive signals from satellites, so it is compatible with credit history. Twelve branches span all areas of work to fill the gaps between them.

This jammer is also called an interceptor jammer. In fact, when we turn off the car key of the car remote control, the car jammer also has the same wave problem, but many large electrical jammers will interfere with the car remote control lock. signal reception. The remote control will be temporarily malfunctioning. After activating the central control lock of the car, have you checked whether the door has been properly closed? Indeed, easily accessible electronic devices can be used to encrypt the signal from the remote control or hands-free card at a distance. Suddenly, your car has been driving without knowing it, and you may be robbed without burglary. This is a technique to avoid such attacks.