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The shielding distance of the mobile phone jammer is related to the environment

Perfectjammer 2021-04-04

Most factory and workshop environments are transparent environments, and it is relatively easy to shield all mobile phone signals in them. The most common method is to use wall-mounted fixtures at every distance on both sides of the factory building. The separation distance is usually 20 to 50 meters, depending on the actual effective shielding distance in the mobile cell phone jammer. If there are separate partition walls in a small space, such as a warehouse or bathroom in a factory building, it may be necessary to separately estimate some detection points in these small areas based on site conditions.

If the protection requirements for plants are limited to plants in indoor spaces, there is no need to protect them inside the plants when there are peripheral devices nearby. All clothes must face the dome of the antenna, but it may be in a mobile phone jammer. Select the type of transmission power that can be adjusted.

Due to the relative concentration of directional antennas and reduced coverage of omnidirectional antennas, the replacement of directional antennas may increase the total number of mobile phone jammers. In larger factories, due to limited space or inconvenient installation, choose a location in the workshop area, and then consider usingshielded phones, such as SMA-818K60 power cell phone jammers, SMA-818K200 shielded power, etc.