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Wal Mart Cell Phone Jammer

Mirolovic Denis 2021-09-27

When we go to the domestic bank to process the remittance, the bank staff may patiently ask if they know the remittance recipient. The purpose is to prevent users from being scammed by phone calls and SMS. Of course, not only in China, but also in Japan there are similar mobile phone fraud activities. Criminals mainly choose middle-aged and elderly people as the main targets of fraud. Now Japanese banks have begun to install Wal Mart Cell Phone Jammer next to ATMs in response to this situation, which means that users will not receive mobile phone signals around ATMs, and there is no such thing. Ways to answer and make calls, cell phone jammer So as to prevent the occurrence of mobile phone fraud to a certain extent.

At present, Chiba Bank of Japan uses this device for the first time to improve the security of users' banking services. Although it is impossible to make or receive calls, the current scams are full of tricks. Wal Mart Cell Phone Jammer It is still too early to say whether mobile phone scams can be eliminated. In view of the rapid development of communication technology, the base stations are becoming more and more dense. In the past, low-power mobile phone jammers have not reached the ideal shielding range. Our company has specially launchedmobile phone signal jammers with built-in antennas, single-channel 5w , Total transmission power 35w, mobile phone jammer, mobile Unicom Telecom 234gwifi and other organic signals, shielding range is about 100 to 300 square meters, customers in need can contact our company