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Mobile jammers prevent attacks

Ucarkus Savas May 6, 2021 10:30

In prisons, cell phone jammers are also essential. Since 2005, authorities have confiscated more than 6,000 mobile phones in 55 prisons in North Carolina, including 443 this year. This number has been increasing steadily until 2012 when the authorities implemented airport-like entry and exit procedures in high-security prisons, such as metal detectors, X-ray scanners and well-trained dogs. Authorities said that after Jensen was kidnapped, a state law was passed that would make it a crime for prisoners to provide cell phone jammer and also act as a deterrent. Some facilities use managed access, which is an expensive jamming system that can block unauthorized cell signals in some prisons.

Using WiFi and Bluetooth technology, it is very likely that the privacy of your highly confidential documents will be attacked by hackers, because WiFi and Bluetooth have low protection against hackers. Secondly, both WiFi and Bluetooth can track your location, and anyone can easily know your location. Although WiFi blocking programs can play an important role to help eliminate potential dangers. This is why we need WiFi Jammer and Bluetooth Jammer. Now, people are paying more and more attention to security and privacy, and still hope to find an effective way to prevent their privacy from being attacked or exposed. In order to meet this demand, WiFi/Bluetooth cell phone jammers are the best choice, and people can choose WiFi/Bluetooth cell phone jammers according to their own situation.