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Can U Block Private Numbers Cell Phone Requires Field Testing

Perfectjammer 2022/05/03

The 2022 high school entrance examination is coming. In addition to the students doing the final study sprint, in order to cope with the situation in the examination, schools around the world are also stepping up preparations for the examination, especially in the construction of the examination room, in order to prevent candidates from communicating through mobile phones and so on. Tools for cheating, schools are stepping up to purchase and install Can U Block Private Numbers Cell Phone equipment. In order to ensure the quality and scope of the shielding effect when purchasing signal shielding equipment, it is best to conduct field tests on the signal shielding equipment. Because the external environment of each examination room is different, especially some examination rooms are relatively close to the communication signal tower, the low-power Cell Phone Jammer may not be able to achieve the required shielding effect or even the shielding effect due to the influence of the signal tower, and requires more power The signal jammer will do. Therefore, when purchasing signal shielding equipment, it is best to test it in the actual use site of the signal shielding equipment.

The college entrance examination is approaching. For the examination rooms of various schools, it is time for mobile phone jammers to show their talents. If some schools have not yet purchased the mobile phone signal jammers that need to be used in standardized examination rooms, they need to step up their preparations. Can you tell us what are the characteristics of the full-band Can U Block Private Numbers Cell Phone in the standardized test room? First of all, since it is a full-band mobile phone signal jammer, the shielded signal must be complete, whether it is 2G/3G/4G/5G/WIFI and other frequency bands, or the UHF/VHF segment of the walkie-talkie, wireless invisible earphones, bone conduction earphones, wireless digital Transmission and reception tools can be shielded, so as to ensure that candidates in the examination room will not cheat through any high-tech communication means. The second is the shielding distance. The area of ​​the standardized test room is generally about 60-100 square meters. The mobile phone signal blocker in the test room must ensure that each test room is fully covered, and there can be no corners that cannot be shielded. Then there is the stability of the shielding effect. If there are occasional omissions when the signal jammer is working, it is still possible for candidates to use this gap to cheat. Finally, it is to ensure the quietness of the examination room. The large noise generated by the mobile phone signal jammer when it is working should not disturb the examination process, nor should the signal jammer affect the health of candidates or invigilators.