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Block Spam Calls From Cell Phone

Niazi Nabeel 2022-01-23

The so-called tester with Block Spam Calls From Cell Phone means that the tester itself has a shielding function, which does not require a shielding box in a shielding room. It can also prevent series connection in the production line test, which greatly improves the production test efficiency. This tester precisely controls the search range to achieve the shielding effect, so that the tester only searches for products within 30-50cm of the connection. Unlike the previous ordinary testers, ordinary mobile phone signal jammers will preferentially search for products with strong signals. As a result, it is often connected to other parts of the production line, resulting in a series connection.

Even if the signal strength is adjusted so that the products with strong signals at long distances are not connected, if the products under test have weak signals, they cannot be connected, and there is no way to test them. It must be matched with Block Spam Calls From Cell Phone to be efficient, and the cost of a shielded room It is often not cheap, the cost is too high, and the space in the shielded room is small, and the testers are very stuffy in the test, which makes many testers unwilling to test in the shielded room; and the cell phone jammer with its own shielding perfectly solves these problems. The range is precisely controlled, it will not search for any signal outside the range, but only search for products within the connection control range. There is no problem in the production line test (tested by many customers), and the cost is higher than that of the ordinary tester + shielding room. It is about half lower, saves costs and is more efficient, and testers are more comfortable testing in open spaces;