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Mobile jammers have stricter regulations

Perfectjammer 2021-02-15

The radio direction finding and positioning equipment showed that the mobile cell phone jammer was on the campus of this private middle school. After entering the campus, the staff found that all the buildings in this school are bungalows, and many of the teaching rooms have a yellow box-like device on the roof. Professional instrument testing showed that the device has strong radiation, and the mobile phone signals carried by the staff have completely disappeared. The school admitted that the device was a "mobile phone signal jammer", and the mobile phone jammer was turned on because the third grader was taking a mock exam that day. It is reported that the transmission frequency of this instrument has multiple frequency bands such as 800 MHz and 1800 MHz. These frequency bands include those used by communication operators.

According to the school’s leaders, students use mobile phones to affect their studies. In order to achieve the purpose of prohibiting the use of mobile phones, the school has invested heavily in the purchase and installation of "mobile jammers" which are installed on the roof. "I didn't expect to have an impact on the lives of surrounding residents," the person in charge said. The mobile jammer package clearly marked that the effective range is 30-50 meters. "How can the impact range be so large?"

According to the staff of the Radio Administration Bureau, since the installation site is on the roof and there is no building block around it, when the mobile phone jammer is turned on, the interference range will expand. According to reports, there are stricter regulations on the use of mobile phone jammer devices, and they can only be used in occasions such as major national examinations and high-level meetings. This private middle school also uses this kind of equipment in daily teaching, which affects the normal life of surrounding residents. The Shijiazhuang Radio Administration Bureau ordered it to remove the mobile phone jammer in accordance with the law.