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Prepaid Cell Phone Robo Calls Blocked

Perfectjammer 2021/12/26

The signal emitted by the wireless cheating device can be identified by this device and suppressed. On the morning of July 7, the radio monitoring staff of the Jincheng Radio Administration Bureau used the Prepaid Cell Phone Robo Calls Blocked device to monitor the surrounding electromagnetic environment at the Jincheng No. 1 High School Examination Point "Modeling". It is understood that radio monitoring is mainly to strictly monitor, monitor and inspect all key areas of the college entrance examination, Cell Phone Jammer technically block, suppress or interfere with cheating signals, and locate and search, and work with the education department and the public security department to conduct legal investigations on the persons involved in the case. Investigate.

Yesterday morning, at the Jincheng No. 1 High School Examination Center, a staff member of the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau told reporters that in addition to the monitoring vehicle parked outside the door, the school yard also has wireless voltage control equipment. "Not only are there monitoring equipment, but candidates have to go through a metal detector before entering the examination room. There is also a Prepaid Cell Phone Robo Calls Blocked in the examination room to prevent cheating in all directions." The staff member said that this year's college entrance examination anti-cheating radio detection function is stronger and smarter, and the monitoring frequency band is wider. , Can quickly capture the data transmission signal outside the examination room, give full play to the technical advantages, and effectively guarantee the fairness of the test takers.