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Perfectjammer 2021/10/30

This year, a total of 5174 people in Zouping County signed up for the college entrance examination, with 2 test centers and 174 test rooms. In order to be serious about exam discipline, the county invested more than 210,000 yuan to purchase Are Personal Cell Phones Blocked In White House that can shield 4G, WIFI and other signals, and built a network monitoring platform in the education center, which further improved the monitoring effect and anti-high-tech cheating ability to ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination. In order to maintain the seriousness and authority of the examination work and ensure the smooth progress of the examination work, Zouping County established a leading group for examination work, and jointly held 26 departments (units) to convene the work meeting of the admissions committee to strengthen the organization and guidance of examination work and implement positions. Responsible system, so that the division of labor is clear, and the responsibility goes to each person. Strengthen coordination with the health and epidemic prevention, public security, traffic police, electric power and other departments, inspect and supervise the public security environment, fire-fighting facilities, sanitation and epidemic prevention, water and electricity facilities, etc. of the candidates' accommodation, and actively create a civilized, fair and comfortable environment for the candidates. Exam environment. cell phone jammer

Strengthen the integrity examination education, organize the study of "National Educational Examination Violation Measures", "Examinee Code" and "Examination Room Rules", carry out integrity examination signature and commitment activities; strictly select and hire examination staff, and focus on the college entrance examination regulations and policies education for invigilators , Professional ethics education and invigilation business training; strengthen the supervision and management of the examination process, strictly control the entrance of the examination, do a good job in the inspection, and do a good job in examination affairs, Are Personal Cell Phones Blocked In White House to ensure the smooth flow of all aspects of the examination. At the same time, the college entrance examination information service is carried out in an all-round way, and relevant information such as examination policies, disciplinary requirements, examination results, admissions and admissions will be published in a timely manner, so as to provide candidates with thoughtful, convenient, efficient and fast information services.