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Is Cell Phone Jammer Illegal In India

Perfectjammer 2021/08/15

In recent years, due to the multi-faceted popularization of mobile communication tools such as mobile phones, the use of mobile communication tools such as mobile phones to cheat has become a "secret weapon" for some candidates to improve their test scores. Relying on some illegal means, listening to some illegal vendors, or organizations and individuals that profit by providing answers, want to use the mobile phone in hand as an answer receiving tool or transmission tool to obtain ideal test results through fraudulent means, which seriously damages The fairness and seriousness of the exam! It is a great harm to most other students who usually study hard and learn from the truth! In order to strictly discipline the examination room and ensure fairness and justice to every reference person, through the installation Is Cell Phone Jammer Illegal In India , cell phone jammer It is one of the effective ways to prevent candidates from cheating through mobile phones and other communication tools.

With the popularization of mobile phones, the demand for mobile phone signal shielding in various meetings and examinations has also increased significantly, so Is Cell Phone Jammer Illegal In India naturally has a broad market. However, most customers lack sufficient knowledge of mobile phone signal jammers, and often choosemobile phone jammers one-sidedly in order to achieve good results, causing many hidden dangers. The principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is to use broadband to transmit interference signals to interfere with the uplink signal of the mobile phone to achieve the function of shielding the work of the mobile phone. Therefore, it is a signal emission source in itself. Since it is a signal emission source, there is naturally radiation. The current mobile phone jammers vary from 1W to 480W according to their use needs. How strong is this transmission power? For comparison, the maximum transmission power of GSM mobile phones is 2W, and the usual transmission power of GSM macro base stations is Between 20W-40W. The transmission power of portable mobile phone jammers generally used for exams and meetings is between 10W-60W.