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Three Operating States Of General Indoor cell phone jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-01-14

When the cell phone jammer device is working, there are 3 possibilities for the mobile phone to display a signal

One is that the mobile phone can be connected. If the mobile phone is connected to the phone normally, it means that the shielding area has not been effectively shielded and there is leakage. If you are close to the mobile phone, there will be no signal, indicating that there is a base station or signal amplification at your location, and then you are The previously used mobile cell phone jammer products cannot meet your on-site shielding requirements, you can add moredevices, such as BCSK-NZ10

One is that the mobile phone cannot be connected. If this is the case, it means that the mobile phone is in a critical state. Generally, such things will happen to mobile phones with strong anti-interference and high sensitivity

One is that the mobile phone seems to have a signal, but it is a fake signal, and the call cannot be made. It depends on the strength of the local signal. The shielding distance will be reduced if the signal is strong, and the shielding distance will be longer if the signal is weak.