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Mobile jammers can protect students' physical and mental health

Perfectjammer 2021-02-14

Nowadays, mobile phones have more and more functions. When students' self-control is not very strong, browsing some unhealthy information is of no benefit to children's growth. After all, the school’s supervision capabilities are limited, and it is impossible for every student to cover everything. If some students “conceal” their mobile phones, the teacher will not be able to find out. Even if some students are not playing the phone in class, the possibility of playing on the phone in the dorm bed is also possible. It is very large, so the school recommends installing acell phone jammer in the bedroom to block cell phone signals.

The primary task of students is to learn. If mobile phones are flooded among students, there will be many disadvantages such as blind comparison and distraction of study energy. If there is something at home, the card phone in the dormitory can be used. It is enough to call parents a few days, and the card phone can easily make students develop a good habit of saving, and it is not easy to indulge in the online world.

As for some students who believe that the school’s use of cell phone jammers to block cell phone signals is not humane, this view seems untenable. Schools are places for teaching and educating people. It is their obligation to impart knowledge and ensure the physical and mental health of students. Don’t think that your behavior is constrained, or that it has caused inconvenience to your life, and you should blame the school’s practices.

Today's mobile games, even many adults can not "resist", let alone children who are not well involved in the world, there is nothing wrong with some coercive measures in this regard. Any regulation will make a different voice, but as long as this measure can be approved by the majority of people and can indeed protect the vital interests of children, it should be promoted.

No one can control all the behaviors of students, but in school activities and behaviors, we should try our best to educate them, avoid contact with items that are irrelevant to them at this time, and bring positive energy to the children as much as possible. This is The ultimate goal of education.