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How To Block Your Number On Sprint Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/10/19

All electronic products such as smartphones emit "electromagnetic waves." Various studies have been conducted on the effects on the human body. People are increasingly worried about the danger of electromagnetic waves from smartphones. It can be used near the head. It will continue to be strongly affected by electromagnetic waves. There is a product called Smart How To Block Your Number On Sprint Cell Phone . It can block electromagnetic waves. Reduce the adverse effects on the human body. Maximize the functions of your smartphone. cell phone jammer Word-of-mouth is very important. It is even more important to conduct a field inspection of its past cases, test the shielding effect, and then make a selection.

When the mobile phone communicates with the base station, How To Block Your Number On Sprint Cell Phone is like a troublemaker, deliberately making noise around you. The noise signal is so big that the mobile phone can't understand what the base station is saying, and the base station can't hear what the mobile phone is saying. In fact, this is not to shield the mobile phone signal, but to obliterate the signal sent by the mobile phone in a large number of noise signals, so as to achieve the purpose of interference. At present, the mobile phone signal jammers used in the examination room are all full frequency bands, which can interfere with all the frequency bands of the three operators 2G/3G/4G/5G, and WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals can also be shielded. The above is the principle of mobile phone signal jammer. However, the frequency band of electromagnetic waves ranges from a few Hz to several hundreds of GHz, and each segment may be used as a communication signal. Will there be some special frequency bands that are used in the examination room?