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Mobile Jammers Can Be Placed In The Safest Place

Perfectjammer 2020-11-18

Fixed telephones to counter the proliferation of mobile phones. The measure was announced in January last year. On Sunday, Attorney General Nicole Belloubet (Nicole Belloubet) specified the method and timetable. She explained to the microphone of the grand jury Le Figaro / RTL / LCI that in "approximately two years" a landline telephone will be established in each of the 50,000 French prison cells. The Attorney General added that the detainees will have access to four pre-registered numbers and "obviously will not be able to access the Internet." This generalization is "related to another method of interfering with mobile phones."

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Currently, detainees must use fixed phone booths in the corridors to communicate with relatives and must be accompanied by supervisors. Expensive and tricky communication. It has nothing to do with the Montemedi Prison in Meuse, where the landline has been tested for two years. There, the cost for residents to make calls day and night was reduced by 20%.

Fight trafficking and better monitor detainees
Through this measure, the seal guards hope to promote their reintegration into society by helping to maintain family contact with the detainees. But not only that. The popularity of fixed telephones is first of all a means to block the flow of mobile phones, which have proliferated in prisons. According to data from the General Administration of Prisons, more than 40,000 phones and accessories were seized from 70,000 French prisoners in 2017. Ten years ago, the ratio was only 5,000 devices and 62,000 people were imprisoned.

The government said that fixed-line phones should also better monitor certain detainees by tapping them. Nicole Belloubet (Nicole Belloubet) concluded: "We believe that there is a safety issue that can reduce the burden of the supervisor's work and family relations."

New cell phone jammer device
Against the second axis of mobile phones: wave jammers. These devices already exist-804 has been deployed in French prisons-but they are usually out of date. In July last year, the jammers did not stop the inmates of Réau Prison from filming and broadcasting the spectacular scene of the robbers taking a helicopter to rob the robber Redoine Faïd. A month later, they also did not stop the image of the rapper Kaaris being imprisoned in Fresnes prison after fighting with his rival Booba on the Internet.

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Now, Nicole Belloubet has secured a new cell phone jammer device. She said that the Chancellery has reached a new agreement, "This will be very effective because it is scalable." These second-generation jammers will be unveiled at the Paris Health Prison. Since the project has been closed for four years, it should reopen on January 7, so it will be the pioneer of the device.

Subsequently, the minister continued to say that mobile jammers will be placed in the "safest place", which is a priority for all places in France. She said: "It will take us about 18 months." But she admitted that there are many problems: For example, in terms of health, "it is complicated because there are residents around", so it may block the residents' signals.