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Mobile Jammers Are A Kind Of Respect For Exams

Perfectjammer 2020-11-13

All laptops, smart phones and connected watches are prohibited in the inspection room. If, like most candidates, carry a laptop on D-day, the laptop should be left at the bottom of the school bag and turned off as soon as you enter the examination room. Some organizations now have cell phone jammer to verify compliance with this rule. Tell the time, it is best to choose a good old watch.

Will mobile jammers be deployed anywhere?

The answer is no. The ministry explained: “All colleges are equipped with cell phone detectors, the number and location of which are confidential.” However, the principal will randomly allocate these cell phone jammers and ensure that they are between the inspection centers during the entire inspection process. Circulation. "However, the government has remained silent on this number and is clearly trying to act as a deterrent...

Why are mobile phones so stalking?

Because last year, more than 270 fraud cases involving electronic devices (phones, MP3 players, etc.) were discovered. One third of fraud cases involve the use of "new technology." Although stable compared to 2015 (31.74% vs. 31.87%), this method of cheating ranks among the best in the Ministry of Education, especially before the traditional "cheat sheet."

Can I still find a cell phone?

Not at all. The phone cannot be detected in "airplane" mode or when it is off. Just before shutting down, the device will send a final signal to send its location to the network. However, this will be completely invisible to cell phone jammers.

When will it start?

The device is either in "standby" mode and intermittently sends out signals to indicate its location in the network, or it is in a communication state-transmitting voice or data-and then continuously transmitting there. In both cases, its presence can be detected. On the other hand, it is difficult to explain how far it is, to explain Internet sites that specialize in telecommunications.

Why is it difficult to determine how far you are from the detected phone?

Because the power emitted by the laptop depends on the distance between the device and the relay antenna. The closer the device is to the antenna, the weaker the signal. Therefore, if we consider two classes, each student in each class has a laptop, the signal received by the detector will depend on the distance between the examination room and the relay antenna. It may be weak in one situation, and strong in another.

What is the solution to effectively detect the phone that is still on the call?

The supervisor must put the detector on him and walk through the row to see when the device set to good sensitivity is taken away. This is a method that national education has not yet chosen. As for setting up cell phone jammers to prevent the use of cell phones, this is illegal. It can only be tolerated in certain prisons. Problem: Compared with the development of mobile phones (new frequencies, 5G, etc.), technology is usually outdated.

Is cheating really expensive?

Yes. Remind you that any communication between candidates or the use of unauthorized information, documents or materials during the test constitutes fraud and may be subject to disciplinary action (reprimand, prohibition of obtaining a bachelor's degree) and/or criminal (up to 3 years in prison) And a fine of 9,000 euros). These instructions will also be posted on the door of each examination room and read during the first written test of the meeting.

How does it go abroad?

Mobile phone jammers, video surveillance, metal detectors, cyber police: some foreign countries have taken great measures to combat exam fraud. For example, Algeria’s 2017 bachelor’s degree exams started on Sunday and are therefore subject to increased supervision to prevent the recurrence of large-scale frauds last year.

In 2016, the cheating was so serious that the Prime Minister of Algeria described it at the time as "d'violation of the security of the'state'". According to the country’s news, more than 1,000 candidates were excluded from the examination room and could not enter with their mobile phones. Dozens of executives, teachers and test center managers were arrested on suspicion of leaking subjects, some of which have been widely spread on social networks before the test.

Due to the lack of backup subjects, more than half of the candidates were forced to retake certain exams. In order to avoid any new leaks, from the day before the test to the four days of the test, the authorities banned access to social networks across the country.

According to the report, there will be no Wi-Fi and Internet access at this year's test site, and about 700,000 test takers will enter the "metal and electronic device detector." news department. In addition to the 15,000 police officers who will ensure the safety of the test center each year, the "team specializing in fighting cybercrime" will also be responsible for "monitoring the activities of social network users in response to any attempted leaks. Record time and prosecute offenders", Represents the State Security Administration. Moreover, if a new leak occurs, the reserve object is ready this time.