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Why drone jamming technology development so quickly?

Perfectjammer 2019-04-22

Why use drone jamming deviceThreats growing from the use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for spying and eavesdropping purposes have rapidly increased the demand for anti-drone jammer systems, with defense firm Perfectjammer commencing research to develop such technology.

As the drone threat has continued to evolve, the technology used to counter them has also matured. Early solutions which may seemed janky and offbeat (such as using birds) have given way to those rooted in existing military technology. One common setup appears to have evolved: which integrates modern radar, electro-optical sensing, and jamming technology in a complete anti-drone system.

Given the recent drone attack on the Venezuelan president and the high profile mailbomb terrorist attacks in the United States, a new counter-drone jamming device to be utilized at large outdoor events by law enforcement without raising public concern was recently developed.

A device that jams the signal, such as the Portable Drone Jammer, can therefore effectively prevent a drone from flying.

If a drone is determined to be hostile and needs to be neutralized, the next phase is activated. Coaxial to the electro-optical sensors, powerful jammers are mounted that can jam the radio signals headed to the drone. Depending on the software, the drone might attempt to return to the operator (the path of which can be tracked on radar), land, or simply fly out of control.

The jammer system is designed to protect military bases, facilities, high value assets, checkpoints and VIPs against drone attacks by jamming the Remote Control Frequencies, GPS/GLONASS Satellites Navigation Frequencies and Data Link or Telemetry Frequencies of drones.

Signal jamming drones are equipped with radio-electronic warfare systems and have been in use by Russia for around two years. Since first being released their range has improved from around 20 miles (32 km) up to 60 (100 km).

The Russian drones fly in groups of two or three along with a ground station. The first one acts as a signal-and-comms relay while another acts as a jammer. The system is called Leer-3. Essentially, the drones disrupt the enemies ability to communicate with one another – which during warfare, may make the difference between life and death.

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