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How to view the wi-fi signal interference has become the norm this fact?

Perfectjammer 2019-04-22

WiFi JammingA wifi jammer sends a predefined white noise signal in specific bandwidths, which interupts with any wifi / bluetooth communications. Our jamming units can be programmed to jam any number of discrete frequencies within their RF capabilities. When it comes to basic wifi jamming systems, the effective disruption radius is roughly 20 meters.

Jammers devices also include Wi-Fi jammers and cell phone jammers which can prevent your mobile phone from receiving or making calls, emails and text messages. They can also prevent your Wi-Fi enabled device from getting connected to the internet for several operations, prevent you from receiving the exact positioning signals with the use of GPS, and prevent you from getting located by a first responder in an emergency.

Advancements in electronic warfare are one of the key components guiding the development of autonomous systems for the military. For now, drones are conducting electronic warfare against cellular communications, but it’s not hard to imagine the same doctrines applied with new technology. In that scenario, it easy to picture other vehicles transforming into jamming machines on future battlefields ... and maybe even present ones.

Deauthentication attacks, or more generally “jamming”, might violate certain laws or regulations, depending on the country. However it is often hard to identify the jamming source, because it can be small and easily hidden.

Wammer, short for Wifi Jammer, bundles all steps behind a drastically simple but effective UI. To start an attack, the user just has to press the “Activate jammer” button. That’s all! Seconds after the jamming starts and the users device will be the only one connected with the WiFi access point.

The problem with this is (a) good Wi-Fi routers today use 5Ghz in addition to 2.4Ghz and there are a lot more 5Ghz channels available. Then there is (b) that if you clog up one 2.4Ghz channel all the owner of the access point has to do is switch channels. This can get to be an escalating war where they switch channels and you change the channel on your phone. Endlessly. Until someone escalates with a baseball bat or worse.

As we said, we depend on wireless networking quite a lot. Wireless communication is like two people speaking. One of them speaks and then listens, and vice-versa. What if a third person gets close to them and starts shouting so loud that the other two cannot listen to each other anymore? In the beginning, they will try to continue the conversation but soon they will realise that it is not possible and they will stop speaking, waiting for the crazy guy to shut up. This is what happens to many communication protocols. When they notice that the channel is busy, they back off. Thus, message exchange between those devices is suspended. Even if they tried to communicate when the medium is not free, like some other protocols do, if the noise is too high then the messages would not be received correctly on the other side and no communication would be possible. This is what we call wireless jamming.

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