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Mobile Phone Signal Jammers Can Reduce The Incidence Of Traffic Accidents

Perfectjammer 2020-11-20

Last week, the National Inter-Ministerial Road Safety Observatory introduced a detailed report on crimes committed by American drivers in 2019. Overall, most tickets have fallen from 2018, but the crime rate has risen again. Unfortunately, starting from overuse of smartphones, some behaviors are always difficult to overcome. If the latter is not road-specific, the meaning here is quite different because it distracts the driver’s attention and therefore poses a major risk to other users (especially the most vulnerable users). The bureau issued a statement that cell phone jammer can be used in cars to focus the attention of drivers and reduce the incidence of accidents.

Last year, 435,000 violations were recorded, an increase of 7% in the past 12 months. Using the phone while driving is still a scourge of combat, especially because in the past year, phone calls have been associated with one-tenth of personal accidents. 'year. According to ONISR, using a mobile phone while driving can triple the risk of accidents.

But now, the situation has not changed, at least not in the right direction. Faced with this discovery, the Prévention Routière Association is organizing a new awareness campaign to combat this dangerous behavior, and adopts a photo filter that covers the driver’s eyes for this occasion to make it closer to the user. To mark their inattention, you can also buy high-quality mobile jammers on the perfectjammer.com website to prevent drivers from being inattentive.