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Around The Mobile Jammer Is A Quiet World

Perfectjammer 2020-11-14

A prisoner was sentenced to 14 years for murder from a prison in Perpignan. She tried to intimidate a 44-year-old Narbonne woman over the phone so that she could write him a favorable letter , So that she quit early. The case started in August last year. The 55-year-old man called the child of the woman he met while on vacation, posing as an acquaintance who worked for MSF in Switzerland. To settle accounts with a man, he tried to manipulate her three adult children by explaining to them that the man was putting their mother on the sidewalk. But the story will degenerate.

The detainees began to call his Narbonne "friends" and his children ill-timed (there were nearly 392 calls from August to October), insulted them and threatened them with death. His annoying little carousel was exposed, and he was tried and convicted in December last year. He put the cover back in January. This time he pretended to be the children's neighbor. Then, he managed to contact his "friend" in Narbonne and there was a cell phone jammer installed around him, without any signal.

He asked her to write to reconsider her previous statement in order to reduce her sentence. He also asked her to write to say that they were married. This will enable him to obtain a settlement certificate as part of his application for parole. He became aggressive and threatening again. The woman's child happened to be very fragile and frustrated. They notified the police station that she was harassed again. After learning the facts, the guards of Perpignan Prison went to search the defendant's cell. They finally found the phone. While waiting for legal proceedings, he will no longer be able to make calls from his mobile phone. He declined to comment on the charges against him.