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Cell Phone Blockers Are Common In Cars

Perfectjammer 2020-11-16

According to the research and accident rate of the National Organization for Inter-Ministerial Highway Safety (ONISR), it has been the case for many years. Using mobile phones while driving is a hazard on the road, and the risk of accidents has tripled. Inattention, lack of trajectory, phone users do not always pay much attention to what is happening around them while driving. Therefore, the "Moving Direction Law" provides for amendments to the penalties reserved for using telephones. Emmanuel Barbe, the inter-ministerial representative in charge of road safety, announced on the European microphone 1 on Monday that the stubbornness of mobile phones while driving will change and harden. The law previously provided for the withdrawal of three license points and a fine of 135 euros, which would revoke the license for anyone who used the phone to accumulate at least one crime (such as line overflow). Blank, non-compliance with stop or priority, etc. According to Emmanuel Barbe (Emmanuel Barbe): "The idea is really to stop stubbornness. He added: "We don't want to lose anyone's driver's license for months," he said. Added: "The goal of road safety is that as many people as possible can drive."

Although the decree appears to be planned at the beginning of the school year, the government not only intends to punish users, but also hopes to educate young people more effectively from the first driving course to the time the authorities conduct road inspections. Anne Lavaud, the general representative of the Rwanda Crime Prevention Association, also counted on the police responsible for these punishments to be kind to road criminals. She hopes: "Driving a car can install a cell phone jammer on the car. This will help motorists realize that they might not commit a crime without their phone."

The law is strengthened and it is better to take the lead. There are some solutions, such as using cell phone jammers, which are common in recent cars. You can also use apps available on your smartphone, such as “Driving Mode”, which will send a message to people who try to contact you, warning them that you can’t connect, and features iOS 11 and Windows Phone, allowing you to Block notifications immediately after activation. Measures to avoid accidents and future suspension of permits.