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Jammer prevents signal transmission at a long distance

Perfectjammer 2020-08-20

Jammer prevents signal transmission at a long distance

As drones become more accessible and affordable, the activity of civilian drones has grown exponentially. There are more and more drones appearing every day, so there are some creative attempts and sometimes even dangerous attempts to disable drones. The reasons for disabling drones can range from boredom and curiosity to privacy and security issues. What needs to be clear is that the Technology Innovation Center does not tolerate or encourage behaviors that damage drones. Perfectjammer's drone jamming device is a device that emits electromagnetic fields that interrupt the most common GPS and ISM radio frequencies that keep drones in the air. He can then control the drone and guide it safely to the ground. It is not yet available to consumers and is awaiting approval from the Federal Communications Commission. Own a drone and want to have fun with it? Then check out this tutorial from the "Making" magazine, which shows you how to build a device that can deactivate the drone immediately. This technology uses WiFi jammers, which disrupt the connection between the drone and the controller. Using Wi-Fi as a communication method is very effective in reducing drones.

Brown emphasized that in addition to the school's regulatory framework, the telephone ban is "public health information that is good for families" and is also good for children. He warned parents not to keep their children in contact for a long time, especially before the age of seven. That was the promise of Macron's presidential campaign. According to a 2015 Credoc survey, 80% of French teenagers own a smartphone, compared with 20% in 2011. The overall situation is that since the fourth grade of elementary school, many students have mobile phones, because children can learn by themselves. Parents and parents of this age believe that their mobile phones always make them feel more comfortable. At the same time, the impact of mobile phones on young people’s learning, thinking, analysis and even interruption is also a concern in the education sector.

Also from the working principle of the wifi jammer, you should remember that the phone jammer will broadcast the same frequency band as the phone to interfere with the normal operation of the phone, that is, our jammer is similar to our phone. Today, is there a device longer than the phone itself that can be used? Which device is more popular than mobile phones? So if we talk about the damage caused by mobile jammers-they are the same as the phone itself, and since the Wi-Fi signal prevents the same thing, they are only used as Wi-Fi hotspots, are these hotspots dangerous? Another thing you should know is that radio signals follow the same inverse law as light, sound waves and gravity, that is, the distance is doubled and the energy is reduced to a quarter. In other words, the longer the distance, the weaker the signal strength. The most interesting fact is that people are worried that GPS/GLONASS jamming devices are harmful, but they don't even know that they are surrounded by signals from these positioning systems every day. Then, we want to remind you again that it is important to know which frequency you want to play. You can find any kind of information about phone blockers and other locked devices on the Internet and special websites. To be sure, this technology will not stop developing.

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