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Action to jam GPS,birth of GPS jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/09

  But on the web today, you can find many communities in social networks, forums, blogs, etc., with supporters of conspiracy theories, theoretically united in such rival groups.

Action to jam GPS,birth of GPS jammer

  Also, almost anyone who knows the basics of radio electronics can assemble a GPS jammer.

  Also, it is nearly impossible to detect sources that interfere with GPS.

  Therefore, within the protection range of the GPS network, it is first necessary to have special equipment to determine the position of the jammer by triangulation.

  Short-range gps jammer can even be purchased from hardware stores. One of the most common devices of this type is capable of suppressing the output signal at 0.960 watts, which is enough to interfere with GPS. The working range of this type of equipment is usually around 10-30 meters.

  Based on all of the above, a perfectly logical question arises: What is the maximum range of a GPS-jamming device that could theoretically be used by a hostile country? That is, what would be required in order to block GPS signal reception over a wide range?

  The answer is that a hostile nation can buy a special 3 kW jammer for $500 and a used van with fiberglass walls for $10,000 and jam GPS within a 1.5km radius on any terrain.

  Also, every self-respecting electronics engineer or engineer, technician, etc., in his practice, tries to develop and assemble devices for interfering with signals emanating from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. But mostly, for experimentation, such jammers are created that way.

  If we were talking about real professional adversary groups, they would use remote jammers. For example, if such a device is used on a highway, it can cause serious traffic disruptions.

  If we don't pay attention to the vulnerability of GPS systems today, perhaps in the not too distant future the phrases "no GPS" or "GPS lost" will be as common as the modern "no network signal" and "Wi-Fi lost".

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