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Auto Cell Phone Call Blocker Robo

Berge Nick 2021-11-15

We all know that in some special scenarios, it is necessary to shield cell phone signals to prevent leakage or cheating. For example, in some confidential meetings, cell phones are not allowed to be carried, and when they arrive, cell phone signals will be blocked in the venue. . The most typical of these special scenes is the college entrance examination room. The college entrance examination is almost one of the most important things in Chinese people’s lives. Ensuring its fairness has become an important task of the local education bureaus. In order to ensure fairness, the college entrance examination venue will adopt various anti-cheating measures, Auto Cell Phone Call Blocker Robo, examiner inspection, Fingerprint unlocking, etc., and the most common one is signal shielding. cell phone jammer

Nowadays, various electronic devices are emerging in an endless stream. Some of them can even evade detection after being disguised. Cheating candidates enter the exam room to output the questions to the outside world, and then people outside the exam room help to answer the questions in order to achieve the purpose of cheating, and the basis of all this That is-it must be spread through the Internet! In this case, signal shielding is particularly important. How does signal shielding work? To put it simply, take a mobile phone as an example. The mobile phone needs to communicate with other devices outside the examination room through a signal tower, while wireless communication needs electromagnetic waves to carry. According to the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, both devices need to be within a certain frequency range. Sending and receiving, so Auto Cell Phone Call Blocker Robo is the frequency that affects your electronic equipment so that the two frequencies are different, so as to achieve the shielding effect.