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Universities use jammers to prevent cheating

Perfectjammer 2018-03-10

Cell Phone Jammer TechRecently, a university in China has installed some small tools to prevent students from cheating. It's the cell phone jammer. So what exactly is this jamming device? Read this article and you will have an intuitive understanding

Signal jammer, hd camera, synchronous clock... In the eyes of ordinary citizens, the electronic devices that should have appeared in American blockbusters or some high-end organizations have quietly entered the ordinary classrooms of huaian university. Controversy also ensued, with classmates reflecting the poor reception of mobile phones and the feeling of being watched. To find out, yesterday morning, the reporter undertook a field visit to the school.

The school sophomore students xu told reporters that the electronic equipment installed is probably a few days before the National Day, "but at that time, I also didn't care, it was not until after the National Day back found the whole building each of these electronic devices have been installed in the classroom." Xu classmate say: "the camera everybody knows, we are not familiar with but for signal cell phone jammer, originally thought that the white integrated circuit box is wireless network signal amplifier or used to put the power switch, so also didn't take it to heart."

Students at the university have different guesses about the use of electronic devices that sound larger and taller. Xu students think, these devices should be used to supervise and urge students to listen attentively in class, "I feel good, and now college students have few listen attentively can not play with the mobile, sometimes the teacher also embarrassed tube, even if the tube the effect is not very good, now the cell phone signal shielding, students can't play mobile phone, although can not fundamentally solve the problem, how to say but can also play a part."

What is the purpose of the mobile jamming device?

So what are these devices for? The reporter found xu hong, deputy director of the school's modern education technology center. Xu Hong told students to these electronic equipment after the purpose of speculation and opinions, some regret told reporters: "may be the time is hasty, haven't come yet and the students in our school specifically explains the purpose of these electronic devices, the electronic equipment is used for construction of standardized examination room, do not use at ordinary times, more is not used to monitor student."

Xu Hong told reporters that the electronic equipment is not open at ordinary times, "only in cet level 4, 6, adult the university entrance exam regulations of the state, such as the exam will be open, is used to record the students' test performance, to prevent a violation of the examination discipline." As for the students to reflect the signal of the classroom in two days before the National Day special, Xu Hong some in distress situation, "this is a misunderstanding, we two days on September 27, 28, has carried on the debugging to signal shielding, and the use of mobile phones in the classroom at this time nature is no signal, after debugging, no signal problems of students reflect nature will not exist, then we need to debug will inform students, try to avoid such misunderstanding happening again."

In any case, the use of interference devices is undoubtedly effective. These devices can not only prevent students from cheating during exams, but also supervise students to listen attentively.

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