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Signal jammers are one of the government's most popular and sought-after devices


Today, cellular jammers, or commonly known as cell phone jammer, have firmly entered our lives, accompanied by all the innovative advantages of the civilized world. They are actively used by many large companies during important meetings or negotiations. These devices have become indispensable attributes for national border checkpoints, law enforcement agencies, and customs organizations. signal jammer may be becoming one of the most popular and sought after devices in governments, correctional labor organizations, and educational institutions.

Why do I need a phone blocker?

Today, technology is developing at the speed of sound, and mobile phones have become a common means of transmitting information. Therefore, with the availability of these devices, it is necessary to prevent their widespread use. Therefore, the presence of Wi Fi and Bluetooth networks in almost all telephone devices forces leaders of higher education institutions to purchase mobile phone jammers. These devices help suppress prompts in test papers and such important events. As some analysts have pointed out, with the help of such devices, it is easy to avoid terrorist attacks and explosions, as jammers can simply complete their work at the right time, while terrorists cannot send signals and calls through their phones. And, perhaps, this statement is entirely reasonable. After all, cellular communication jammers - subgroups

According to their performance and technical characteristics, cellular jammers are divided into several subgroups.

  1. Low power jammer;
  2. Medium power suppressor;
  3. High power jammer;
  4. Heavy duty silencer.
popular portable 10 Band Cell phone Jammer

In order to protect information used for commercial purposes, low-power jammers are usually used. These devices are sufficient to block small areas in urban lanes. The other two subgroups are used by law enforcement agencies, gas station managers, and explosives and ammunition warehouses. Only similar organizations can purchase high-power and heavy-duty types of cellular jammers, which can only be ordered.

Main parameters when selecting jammers

Therefore, if you decide to choose a suitable cellular jammer, please pay attention to the following parameters.

Where is the device intended to be used?

The nature of the place that needs to be protected;

Are there any visible or invisible obstacles on the territory;

How close is the mobile phone signal tower to the area that needs to be protected.

You can find answers to all questions in the technical specifications provided with the suppressor. However, if you do not have sufficient capabilities in this area, it is best to contact a qualified expert in the sales store of the device regarding this issue. They have an obligation to provide advice and assistance to you.