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Portable signal blockers have the same functions as any other blockers


Portable mobile phone signal jammer have the same functionality as any other mobile network jammer, but are much smaller in size. They can be easily placed in your pocket and transported to any place of your choice. Like any jammer, the best cell phone jammer can prevent the phone from receiving or transmitting signals within its working range. This device has a specific coverage range and can block a limited frequency band.

How does the mobile signal shield work?

The jammer will disrupt communication between the phone and the phone base station tower within its predetermined range. It achieves this by transmitting radio frequencies within the same range as the phone and interfering with its connection. This type of interference activity is also known as a denial of service attack.

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Where can cellular signal jammers be used?

The use of portable mobile interceptors varies from person to person. Due to its portable nature, this jammer can be easily carried anywhere. A person can use it to prevent themselves from engaging in espionage activities, or to evade GPS trackers and enjoy enhanced security.

Nowadays, these portable mobile phone signal interceptors are also widely popular among teachers, who effectively use these devices to prevent students from sneaking around with their phones while studying in the classroom. In fact, this has become one of the best tools to enhance students' classroom attention.

What is the use of portable mobile phone signal blockers during exams?

Today, most students have a mobile phone. These devices may be abused and become effective weapons for communicating with the outside world during exams. In the past, various incidents involving sneaking around and using mobile devices in exam rooms have been reported.

By using a mobile GSM 2G 3G jammer, such situations can be effectively managed. These devices can be easily installed in the premises or placed in the pocket and bag of the invigilator to eliminate the possibility of cheating with a mobile phone.

In addition to serving as effective tools to curb exam cheating, these devices can also protect people from various security threats and criminal activities. Jammer added an additional layer of security for domestic and foreign representatives; Proof helps maintain silence during meetings and seminars; Restricting prisoners from maintaining contact with the outside world; And many such activities.